Yamai Devi Temple (Satara)

Yamai Devi is our family deity and I have been visiting here since 1998, either with family or solo, atleast once in 3 years. The legend has it that Yamai Devi got her name when Lord Rama called upon Goddess Mahalaxmi of Kolhapur “Ye Mai”, meaning “Come Mother” in English literally.

Yamai Devi


Where is Yamai Devi Temple Located ?

Temple is located in Aundh Village in Khatav Taluka in Satara District, some 42 kms from Satara City, just ahead of a place called Rahimatpur. If you are coming here from Mumbai or Pune, take the Mumbai Bangalore Highway till Satara. A left turn taken for Rahimatpur shall take you to Aundh. This will be around 150 Kms from Pune. Add another 140 Kms if you are coming from Mumbai, via Expressway.


Once You Are Here !

There are 2 temples, one in the heart of the village and the other on the hill nearby. Both are big temples area-wise. They are understood to be around 250 years old or may be more than that. Predominantly, this is a family shrine for a large number of Marathi families. The temple in the village is supposed to be visited first and then the one on the hill.

Yamai Devi Aundh Satara

Yamai Devi Aundh Satara



Pay a visit to Yamai Devi temple, or to any place of worship for that matter, only when you really feel the need to… Not out of any social pressure !

Both temples give you a pleasant, divine feeling, there are no noises, it’s a place where you just want to continue to sit without any disturbance. You shall be able to see the photos of Lord Krishna & the events at different stages in his life and also see the overall architecture of the temple. Anything made up of leather / gold / silver is not allowed inside the cell where the sculpture of Goddess is placed. For Eg: belt, wallet, watches among other things.

The sculpture of Goddess in the temple on the hill is made up from back stone, and is around 2 meters in height. Of course we go to the temple to take blessings, but additionally, the one on the hill is also scenic in view and you can see vast areas around, at 360 degrees. It is actually amazing, especially with a cool breeze flowing, where you can see, in any direction you take, one single road that goes across the horizon and when you are able to spot a red-colour ST Bus… Wow ! Some stupid things you should always try ! Only a Maharashtrian can really understand what I mean here ! 🙂


What To Do Apart From Seeking Blessings ?

There is a museum showcasing different paintings of the several Kings of Aundh and various artists. There is also a small refreshment joint that you may want to explore while on your way up the hill or even better, while coming down after Darshan. Be just a little careful while driving your way up the hill, as the road is narrow, with a couple of sharp turns of almost 180 degrees. Earlier there were no barricades to this road but now they have built them.


No Commercialization Yet

Thankfully, both temples or the whole area rather, is not yet commercialized, unlike many of the temples in India (Say, Shirdi or Trambakeshwar, where you can really get irritated). It’s actually good to have privacy at such a public place, where people don’t force you to buy garlands or Prasad etc and the old world charm is very much prevalent.

I say, even if Yamai Devi is not your family shrine, visit once !!


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2 thoughts on “Yamai Devi Temple (Satara)”

  1. Hello Shaunak,

    Thank u for your article above. I wish to go for a darshan of Yamai Devi. Kindly guide me … If I go by a car would it be safe to park it down and climb up for the darshan ? How much time would it take to climb ? Is it ok to go till the top on a bike ? Your feedback will be helpful. Thanks.


    1. Hi Ajay, yes you can take your car or bike right on top of the hill and park next to the main entrance. Parking space is not a problem. It takes about 10 minutes max by car or bike, if traveling by a vehicle. Climbing by foot may take up to 30 minutes.

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