Work With Me
Work With Me

I am absolutely keen to taking my blog at higher level and see it grow. Hence, I am open and willing to work with any of you in Tourism Boards, Travel Companies, Human Resources & Financial Institutions etc, to help you get connected with my involved readers. Here’s how I can contribute to you and your business:

As a Travel Blogger

I started this website in January 2015. All my posts on my website are directly out of my personal experiences and I do not appreciate copy-paste job, unless it is a guest post requested by some fellow blogger. For eg: If it is in Travel Space, I post only after visiting the said place and do not believe in taking information from here & there and then making a brand new article and calling it my own.

Following are some of the ways in which we can work together under TRAVEL BLOGGER category

  • Sharing my thoughts and writing a great sponsored post for you, if I have already visited the place
  • I am open to traveling to any place you want me to cover, exclusively for you or your Company
  • I am equally looking forward to an FAM / Press Trips and writing for you on account of whatever I get to know during this FAM / Press Trips
  • Barter Exchange – You let me have your product / allow me to experience your product and I shall return the favour in barter, by writing a post on my blog & popularizing it
  • Sharing of my photographs
  • Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Marketing on my blog
  • Direct Links


As an HR Professional

I am at present an HR Manager with an automotive MNC in Pune (India), with over 9 years of factory and regional HR experience. I have been helping some small-size and mid-size companies in their HR actions, especially in Recruitment and HR Policies making. My overall exposure in Engineering, Power Plant, Retail and Food & Beverages Industry may just turn out to be quite a help.

Why Should You Choose Me ?

All my posts on this blog are 100% original and honest, as they come out of my own experience – the way I saw it, the way I felt it and the way I thought about it. People may or may not agree, is a different scenario.

As an Owner, I have utmost desire of growing my blog, I consider this thing as “MY OWN CREATION”… Something I look forward to continuing even after retirement. Invariably, all my posts that get published on my blogsite, will involve some publicity. The paid ones of course, will garner more 🙂

Apart from traveling to popular tourist spots, I am also attempting to do some crazy travels, like I traveled on #VivekExpress, India’s Longest and World’s 10th Longest Running Train, from Dibrugarh (Assam) to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) for it’s entire 4280 Kms in 83 hours 25 minutes at a stretch. Now, I wish to travel on World’s Longest Running Train #Trans-Siberian Railway, sometime in the near future.


Some Statistics Of My Blog

Blog Followers & Email Subscribers: 500+

LinkedIn Followers: 1,504

Facebook Page Likes: 1,505

Twitter Followers: 4,650+

Klout Score Range: 59-61

Top 3 Traffic Regions: India (35 %), USA (22 %) and UK (6 %)

Blog Reach: 90+ Countries

Best Ranked 157 out of #Top1000TravelBlogs by RISE GLOBAL


TripAdvisor & HolidayIQ: 66,300+ Readers of my 82 Reviews (Amongst the Top Reviewers in Pune)


Working With Me

I am open to working with Tourism Boards, Travel Companies, HR & Finance Institutions for blogging on as diverse topics as Travel, Solo Travel, Destinations, Writing Reviews on Hotels, Popular Food etc to Human Resources, Recruitments, Consulting, Advising on HR Policies and Strategies as well. I am also ready for FAM Trips.

You may reach me on my email blogger@localhost/wordpress for your travel and professional needs, where you think I can be of assistance. I charge a fee of course, for investing my time and the effort I make.

Let’s get it started… 🙂

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