Walking Street (Pattaya)

Every man’s dream come true. If you can digest the revealing way of dressing, if you can see semi-nude local & foreigner girls & accept that this is their way of life, Walking Street Pattaya is a great place to be at. It’s a very famous attraction and if you have not come here, why did you come in the first place ???

Walking Street Pattaya

As the name suggests, this street is Walking Street (located very near to Pattaya Beach Road – one end is north end and Walking Street on the southern end). If you are going in Tuk-Tuk, it will cost you 20 THB per head max.

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya

There are beer bars and gogo bars either side. Gogo Bars are beer bars that have girls dancing inside. Beer bars are normal beer bars. Hence, the different names. Young girls invite you in their bars, whether normal bar or gogo, quite often seductively. It’s hard to resist them. And they are beautiful too ! Typically, if you see the first floor of most buildings located here, you will see Russian ladies in a glass closet in backless gowns or low neck & high hemlines, dancing extremely seductively. So much so that atleast once you will wonder “how come such beautiful girls landed up in the dance bars. These ladies could have got such handsome guys to marry with in their own country !!!”. Anyway, let’s not assume too much.



This place is extremely vibrant and lively, with SEX in mind of 8 out of 10 individuals. This street is active whole night. From around 6.00 pm to about 11.00 pm, the place is very safe. Later than that, the place is still very safe if you are with your partner, but just take a little precaution here & there, some drunkard may accidentally bump into your partner, under the pretext of not being in senses.

Then there are Turkish Ice Cream Makers, Magic Shows, young toddlers of 5-6 years old who show acrobatics, by twisting & turning their bodies. I am damn sure all the couples who come here, the men would be so frustrated on seeing such beautiful girls, their dancing style, the seduction, the body language, the cleavage ! Had their female partner not been here, they would have definitely enjoyed in different sense ! I was with my partner in tow… So I kept on only appreciating the place and the atmosphere and biting my nails 😉 Just kidding…

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Last Visited in January 2015

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5 thoughts on “Walking Street (Pattaya)”

    1. I personally enjoyed. I normally take everything that comes under travel as an experience and keep low expectations. But yeah, its a nice place.

  1. That first photo of walking street is really old… the old sign has been replaced with the big samsung screen as shown in your second photo.

    As to Walking Street’s location, it isn’t located near “North Pattaya Beach” but instead, it is located at the Southern end of Pattaya bay. Also, a tuk tuk (actually, songtaew, or baht bus) costs 10 baht if you ride it on its normal route within Pattaya (anywhere within North Pattaya Road, South Pattaya Road and Sukhumvit Highway). If you go from Pattaya to Naklua or Pattaya to Jomtien, then it will cost you 20 baht, and if you charter it then you need to negotiate a fee.

    This youtube guide video has some good pointers and shows the layout:


    1. Thank you Sir, yeah the price I mentioned was what I was charged (infact the first time I travelled on Tuk Tuk, they charged me 50 THB !), none-the-less. With regards to the road, yes it is a long stretch of Pattaya Bay from northern to southern end. My error… Sorry !

      1. That’s okay… easy to get north and south mixed up in Pattaya. Yes, the tuk tuks do rip you off if you don’t know the price. That’s is why you should never ask the price, just pay the right amount and walk away.

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