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Best 3 Types of Useful Apps For Travel

It’s time for summer in India. Since it is fast approaching, it also means India will be fortunate enough to once again experience and able to welcome a huge influx of western holidaymakers, who choose to visit this country, albeit during its hottest of months. I have had a travel article published for readers with tips on how to enjoy an ideal road trip and also mentioned another post mentioning benefits of apps for travel to be used, for awesome enjoyment during one’s travels. The upcoming months are when travelers across the globe become infatuated with their inner wanderlust, and whether it is through road trips across India or visiting the many iconic landmarks along the way, the country represents a life-changing journey for even the most experienced of travelers.

In spite of such innate desire to roam free, explore and get that extreme adventure feeling to sink in, it’s not going to be all sunshine & butterflies in India, majorly because it’s the summer season, that is hot. Just as with almost any endeavour, you are bound to go through some inevitable challenges and unexpected circumstances along the way. Luckily, with the dawn of modern technology, attaining knowledge or vital information about a certain region is very much on your fingertips, thus giving us an advantage when posed with various challenges along the way. 

A Brief History of Mobile Gadgets

Mobile gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, have been around for quite some time now. They’ve gone from being chunky communication tools, to becoming advanced pocket-sized equipment that can seemingly do it all. These technological marvels have even somewhat taken over our lives, according to this article by John Horvat II on The Blaze entitled ‘Five Ways Technology is Taking Over Our Lives’. However, I am more keen on presenting to you it’s advantages, starting with the different types of programs suited for travelers.

At its core, there are three kinds of apps for travel available in the digital market, that are actually suitable for you. Of course, you are the best judge of what exactly you want, when you download a certain app. So yeah, pay attention to the type of app you are going for. Let’s have a look at each one:


Best 3 Types of Apps For Travel


Utility Apps For Travel

First off, are the utility apps. These are designed in such a way that they allow the consumer to accomplish certain tasks in an easy and efficient way. Aside from the typical interface, these programs usually have simple layouts and a flow that helps consumers navigate them effortlessly. Travelers will benefit from these as they can book flights, accommodation, and transportation around a city. Those that fall under this category include apps such as Airbnb, Citymapper and Hopper based on this Digital Trends article. Furthermore, you can count on XE Currency, Google Translate and Waze for many other of your travelling needs.

Productivity Apps For Travel

The next type of app is for optimum productivity. These programs are more complex than the aforementioned utility apps, as they are required to do a wide range of things like provide music, movies, and general entertainment. Anything from social media monitoring websites to current affairs programs to weather updates etc, are all covered. Some examples of productivity apps for travel are CNN, GO Weather Forecast and Accuweather. You can even include the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Spotify. The Huffington Post even points out the undeniable relationship between music and travel.

Immersive Apps and Games

Lastly, there are immersive apps and mobile-friendly games. These are the programs are usually downloaded to beat boredom and to compete, in a healthy way, with fellow users. They give us an outlet to enjoy technology during our downtime. Gaming Realms, the developer of online casino platform Slingo, claims that because of the continuous growth of mobile device users – 80 per cent to be exact – many companies have started focusing on these types of apps because they are more engaging and players feel they are similar to real life experiences. Apart from digital card and table games, there are also MOBAs, or multiplayer online battle arenas such as Mobile Legends, RPGs, or role-playing games like The Walking Dead. Some of the best immersive apps during flights consist of number puzzle games such as Three! and 2048, as well as travel-based games like 80 Days.


Apps For Travel

In Conclusion

When put to good use, technology helps us when travelling in a lot of ways. It doesn’t matter whether you fly halfway around the globe to somewhere like Thailand, or take a cross-country road trip here in India. Now that we have an attainable pool of information via the internet the chances are, that through such awesome apps for travel, it will make our trip more enjoyable and stress-free.

Not to mention, you will come off like a knowledgeable tourist as well.   😉

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