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Top Relationship Pointers I Came Across

Just sharing some of the best “Love & Relationship Pointers” I felt, experienced or came across in my life…


  • When a college-going girl loves a boy, nobody comes to know except the girl and when a college-going boy loves a girl, the whole world knows except the girl ! 🙂
  • A college-going boy, suddenly getting angry on / reacting weird with ONLY one particular girl & is neutral with others around, could be a solid proof that he is in love with the same girl. It’s just some kind of an emotional outburst… Anger is not on the girl, mind you ! If the girl is also interested in this boy & wants to take it further, she might as well just relax and not react at all (depending upon the perception she has about the boy of course) ! Things will be fine pretty soon, post which she may make him understand, in an appropriate manner ! However, an immediate retaliation at this point by the girl simply means that this strong & principled lady ain’t gonna accept your bullshit behaviour anytime & it also perhaps means she’s not into you. So, guys… treat her well or quietly move on !
  • Typically, all boys in love who are unable to express their love, may tend to behave a little weird & immature than what they really are. A girl in love, on the other hand, when not sure of the boy’s opinion on her, will go very slow & steady, tread cautiously, give “indicators” of interest, gain perfect control on her emotions fearing not to ruin it once & for all and will behave in the most mature manner than what she really is 🙂
  • “I never believed I would remember my first love but I was wrong… And it’s somewhere a relief that nobody knows the girl, the girl doesn’t know it & she never will !”
  • Boys tend to remember the girl they didn’t get & keep believing she was GOLD… But they don’t realize that this GOLD is GOLD… only because they couldn’t get her. Had they got her, she could have lost her attractiveness in their eyes ! So sometimes, it’s good to lose guys ! At least you value her in your mind (although no boy ever admits it) !
  • A girl with a strong personality & extrovert approach will ALMOST NEVER fall in love with a guy who is a “Doer” or a Silent Worker or Follower or a Yes-Man (not that they are bad)… She will tend to like somebody from an opposite sex who takes a stand, who is seen as a Leader in their respective group (although almost all girls will like to be with such boy). Besides, they also like to be challenged and in fact get turned on with the challenge, when a boy with more or less similar traits poses them ! The catch is… the boy should know precisely at what time he should relent and appreciate this girl, in order to win her. And the girl who wins the challenge or gives a good “fight”, is a girl with some substance ! Go to her, congratulate her, befriend her ! Any more delay than this, will surely make you lose her !
  • Although on the above point, I always maintain that the girl with a strong personality (read leadership quality) should, in all likelyhood, marry a guy with soft personality (read somebody who is more of a “silent worker” or a “doer”, who works behind the curtains). There is something called as the ACTION MIRRORING & POWER EQUATION that exist between two individuals and this will surface after sometime, when the honeymoon period is over & reality strikes. The problem with Leaders is that they want followers. They get a high when there are followers around them. And you get followers when you invariably & indirectly make people follow you. Now imagine 2 people in closed space (read home), both with very strong personalities and huge egos to satisfy. Every time one says something, there is an immediate counter-view. The basic success indicator of leading is not getting fulfilled, when there counter-viewpoints every time. Over a period of time, this may turn out extremely bad. Thus I say, forget the exceptions when 2 strong people happily stay together, but otherwise every boy or girl needs to understand his or her own self rather than expecting the better-half to change, post marriage. So, even for a boy with soft personality, there’s nothing wrong if his wife takes a lead… just that he shouldn’t try to match her !
  • Boys tend to show that they have moved on from their past love, behave as if they don’t care and feel that the girl will keep on missing them, remembering them and keep secretly crying for them but the reality is, the girl feels bad initially (say for 3-6 months) and moves on. But once she moves on… she moves on, there’s no looking back then !!! Boys, on other hand, tend to realize their loss after 3-6 months, then keep remembering the girl and never really move on ! I can challenge any boy on this !
  • 80 % of the times, a lady asks questions she already knows the answers to. Intelligence is… to just be yourself and speak the truth ! 🙂
  • Sometimes, the people who don’t talk to us, are the ones who really want to !
  • For Girls… A lot of boys will open the door of a restaurant for you while taking you out for lunch. But pay close attention on those very few boys who open the same door of the restaurant while going out after lunch !
  • The next time you guys talk to any lady, who is emotionally or passionately telling you something, just listen to her and don’t give your opinion ! There is a 90 % chance she doesn’t need your opinion, she just wants you to listen…
  • I always say, for a girl, 21-30 years of age is her golden phase. She already has become more mature than a boy her age early in her life. She is arguably most beautiful in this age group, she is in demand, she has a lot of suitors, going to her friend’s engagement or marriage is also fun since a lot of boys pay attention on her. Post 28-29, this phase starts to decline, especially with family & relatives ruining her life day in and day out for marriage (if she’s unmarried by this age), her suitors now are or could be around 33-35 years of age (and not everybody goes to the gym, so you also focus on his physique & hair). Alternatively for boys, there’s a slight advantage I feel. Though they are nowhere till 27, they are new or juniors in their career, with limited salary, new home responsibility, still struggling someway or the other. Post 30, they actually get in form, going up in their career, earning more pay, better standard of living, more savings and reaching up to a point where they feel they are doing very good & then flaunting their wealth ! Even when they are 32, they can still get a wife of 25-26, who is in the mid of her golden phase and who can offer him, her best years !


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PS: Hope the readers take this sportingly and in a fun way. I am no Love Guru and I don’t want to challenge or hurt anybody’s feelings. Do let me know your observations… I am sure there are going to be a lot !   🙂

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