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10 Things Not To Do On Notice Period

Is it really worth it to NOT do somethings whilst you are on your notice period ? I bet yes ! There are 10 of them.

With jobs becoming more and more available for the people with right skills, it is seen now that people indeed have been job hopping, for their career growth. The second scenario is, since there is more competition, the performance is being measured quite sternly too and quite a few times, there are some employees who are asked to go.

The first is a happy case, since you have landed yourself a “supposedly better” job that you perceive as a turning point in your career (although I know a lot of people change job only & only for money, everything else remains the same). You are happy, you may still have a lot of workload but you still feel relaxed, you are a whole lot excited and that excitement can be seen on your face & in your body language.

In latter case, it’s not that good a situation to be in. You suddenly feel vindicated, there is anger inside, you believe you were good enough but the Management doesn’t think so, although you have been given XYZ reasons, you don’t want to accept them, you feel hopeless and you also think of all those EMIs & unless your spouse is working, you know you are in doldrums. Now, if you manage to get a job within your notice period, it’s fine. Else, explaining the situation to HRs become another headache. Infact, the HR Consultants don’t approach you after getting to know that you aren’t working. God knows why ? And, it’s bad ! Blood pressure increases, the level of stress rises, confidence starts to lower down, resulting in tensed atmosphere at home.

So, in both these cases, it helps to remain grounded and not make a positive / negative fuss about your voluntary / forced change. Infact, I have always believed in being very silent during my notice period (although it is considered as a honeymoon period). I could pin-point some things that shouldn’t be done by an outgoing employee whilst serving his notice period. What are those ?

Do not attempt to do the below 10 things while you serve your notice period


1) Over-Excitement During Notice Period

 It is normal to feel good about the positive changes happening to you and if you perceive that the new job will be a turning point in your career. You may also feel happy about the future monetary rise. A lot of Indians especially will agree with me when I say that even showing that coveted offer letter, the ladies in the house start future planning vis-a-vis your offered salary 🙂 But don’t over-show that excitement in your workplace. Your colleagues still want to feel nice about their current place & their current role. Your superiors may see this as provocation & will definitely not appreciate it.


2) Frequent Reference To Your New Job

Simply put, discussing again & again or diverting all issues to how you are going elsewhere and about your supposedly better change is not good. Period !


3) Relaxing Inspite of the Workload

While it is natural to feel “safe” during your notice period, it doesn’t mean you have to just relax. It is your responsibility to finish the tasks at hand and delegate the work, only where it is fair & necessary. Dumping work on colleagues is also not good.


4) Getting into Controversies’ With Co-Workers

I have observed quite a few employees’ body language changing once they land up with another job. And the approach then is like “Don’t mess with me buddy, because if you do, I won’t hold back & will give it back to you, irrespective of who you are”. No, don’t get into sledging and mud-slinging. It is going to be a bad publicity for you and this impression shall remain forever with your co-workers. Some of the existing co-workers, even if they are wrong, will still try to portray a false image, about how your attitude has changed etc and it is a LOSE-LOSE situation for you.


5) Not Serving Full or a Reasonable Notice Period

Although your organization gives you a choice of serving either entire notice period or part-notice part-payment, it is best to take your existing bosses in confidence before giving commitment to your future company. Giving no option to existing Management is not right, and then the discussion with existing bosses doesn’t make sense. Preferably, try to serve full notice period. Money can help you reduce your notice days but money can’t buy ethics.


6) Disloyalty

Out of excitement, it is possible that you may start informing your company’s clients and service providers about your probable change. Nothing can bring Management’s wrath sooner than this. This may infact be seen as non-compliance to the “Competition Clause” mentioned in your appointment letter. Avoid informing till you can or discuss with your superior first.


7) Acting Foolish or Bad Mouthing

Avoid ! That’s the only word I can suggest. It is understood by a thinking person that your changing job is not for nothing. Some thing triggered your mind & motivated you to look outside in the first place. Could be your unhappiness with increments, HR Policies, reporting structure, preferential treatment to fellow colleague etc. But if you have decided to change your job, then it’s not necessary to bad mouth or be extra honest. It won’t help you gain any followers.


8) Carrying Company Data

It is not advisable to carry data, even if it is your’s, after you leave. Because post your last day, it will be considered as “Stealing Critical Knowledge”. So, you might as well hand-over all Company property like laptop, pen-drives, passwords, confidential documents to the appropriate authority.


9) Impatience with Micro-Management Approach

You may suddenly come across a situation where, immediately after you have put in your papers, your Management starts to micro-manage your things. This is likely to happen because they now feel dependability on you, they feel you aren’t going to be here mentally, that you can’t be trusted, and they want to know fully what & how you have been doing your things. Don’t get offended by this thing. Have empathy and try to understand the real reason. Most likely, it is because they want to take control of your things till a new guy joins them and it’s fine. Nothing wrong !


10) Impatience with Management’s Resentment

Even after Management’s efforts to retain you, if you don’t change your mind, it may make them resentful. Not in all companies, but you will come across this, atleast once in your career. Have patience and don’t retaliate. I normally take this as “In one-sided love, the person-in-love will get offended & may emotionally outburst on the other, when the latter chooses someone else” (although I don’t support wrong actions taken by the boy or girl, if any) 

These things, if avoided, will help the outgoing employee cut down on the bad repercussions like bad referrals etc. However, the appropriate behaviour responsibility lies on the outgoing employee and the Management both equally, to have empathy for each other. An empathetic approach can really set high workplace standards in front of other existing employees and creates positive culture.

“Every child can study in the presence of its parents or teachers, but a child studying on it’s own, when nobody’s around… That’s what you call ATTITUDE !” Similarly, every employee will work to safeguard his or her job but to continue doing it nicely when you know you are about to go… ATTITUDE !        😉

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