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The Only School Teacher I Respected

Here’s to Ms Alvina Fernandes, my English School Teacher, from one of the top schools in Nagpur Somalwar High School (Nikalas Branch) during 1989-90… around 24-26 years of age at that time, who took great personal interest in my studies & progress and today when I recollect whatever memories I have of her, she comes across as the one who was extremely mature for her age and also very innocent girl-next-door.

A School Teacher… In Hindsight   🙁

Yeah, even when I wasn’t keeping well & would not attend school, she used to visit my home, used to enquire about my health, very polite in talking to my parents. Incidentally, those were also the days in India where the kids, young boys & girls and even adults used to be proud owners of their bicycles. I starkly remember and appreciate her travelling 7-8 kms just for this reason, after her duty (school hours), on hot sunny afternoons, on her BSA SLR bicycle. I realize those days used to be non-commercial & a school teacher was a “school teacher” in real sense.

Then, my family shifted to Mumbai, the adults of the new city appeared conniving, I even started to miss innocence in my so-called “school friends”, they appeared extra sharp in everything they did – a major reason why I wouldn’t want to remain in touch with any of them today. I invariably got introduced to commercials and cunningness in most aspects… a quality I wouldn’t want to see in children ever. My mother, on the other hand, felt that this smartness (what I consider extra-smartness) is the way forward. How I wish her to understand that even if I would have been in Nagpur today, I would still have progressed in my life, in whatever small little way. Today, when I am settled in Pune and life seems a little similar to that of Nagpur, I am good & I am happy. May be she realizes today that it is this reason that after my graduation, I moved out of Mumbai – Because I never had any liking for it.

None-the-less, of all the teachers I had, my utmost respect is reserved for Ms Alvina Fernandes. If ever I happen to meet her someday, would be very happy…    🙂

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