Sriracha Tiger Zoo (Chonburi)

I visited Sriracha Tiger Zoo recently. It is a huge zoo-cum-park, very spacious. Although it is known as Tiger Zoo, there are different entertainment shows featuring professionals with crocodiles, tigers and elephants, in this very order.

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Chronology of the Shows To Be Followed

Each show is about 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute break, such that the visitors can manage to get in the following show in this much time. So, all these 3 shows get over within a span of 2 hours.

Post this, visitors can roam around the park, see another set of events like Pig Racing, Feed & click pictures with Tigers, Scorpion Queen is another great show etc.

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

Amenities @ Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

There is a Refreshment Centre as well as the Washroom facility. The charges for refreshments are very reasonable, although there could have been a little more on the menu. I only had one packet of chips/wafers and coke, of whatever was available.

How To Reach ?

Located on the Pattaya Bangkok Highway in Chonburi District, this Tiger Zoo is approx 40 kms from Pattaya. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo Management has a Shuttle Service to & from most of the hotels in Pattaya. For charges, click here.

Something Was In India Like This Too !!

Now, India once had this concept of “Circus” in the 1990s, especially in smaller towns. Slowly but gradually, this diminished with peoples preferences changing over time. I don’t know if these circuses are still being operated currently. But in those times, I remember we had similar tiger and elephant shows. So in here, addition is the crocodile show and substraction is the Clown (Joker) act.

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I personally liked the huge garden area with beautiful green cushy lawn, walking alongside deer on one side and me talking with my partner on any random topics, and clicking quite a few pictures.

Controversy Surrounding Similar Tiger Zoo

For quite some time, there were rumours pertaining to one Tiger Temple in Bangkok about the real condition in which the animals were kept in and the drugs used for them to lay quiet (crocodiles) or beating the tigers ¬†such that they perform the stunts. I hope such inhuman actions are not being done here secretly, for one’s profiteering.

But otherwise, a good place it is, for couples deeply engrossed in cute talks and also for families with children ūüôā

Last Visited in January 2015

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