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Some Random & Funny Observations from India !

  •  When the doorbell rings, a male or child runs to open the door and the female runs for her dupatta !
  • Receiving or dropping relatives at Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand is an important family affair !
  • We spend more time speaking to our guests at the door while they are leaving than when they are sitting in our living room !
  • In foreign countries, a yellow signal at traffic junction means drive slow (& stop if need be). In India, a yellow signal means drive faster and see if you can cross this signal as if you are going to win an Olympic race !
  • We go to 5 Star hotels and beautiful AC lounges but yearn for road-side food… What’s more, we never fall sick of the street food !
  • A lot of Indians staying in Mumbai or any other big metros will get mad at the amount of crowd the city attracts & the traffic but nobody’s willing to accept that they themselves are also a part of the same maddening crowd, nobody wishes to leave & help ease the traffic ! (I did it in 2004, post which I never settled in Mumbai – for this very reason)
  • c4  No matter how many plates of Pani Puri we have, we will always wait anticipating for the “Masala Puri” !
  • When we are poor, we tend to boast & show we are rich and when we become rich, we try to act normal and even show we are poor !
  • We spend great amount of money in shopping malls or on buying imported items but negotiate ferociously with poor street vendors !
  • Everyone has a song in their playlist which they never listen to but never delete as well !
  • Why to change the battery of our TV remote when we can slap it on our hand or on sofa set and get it working once again… albeit for some more time !
  • toothpaste-finished  We finish 90 % of our tooth-paste in 10 days and then we tend to use the rest 10% for the next 20 days by continuing to press it using all our strength !
  • If Maharashtrians don’t ask your native place while in a conversation, they are not Maharashtrians… It is compulsory for Marathi-speaking population to enquire about your native place (“tumche gaav kuthle ?” 🙂 ), for the discussion to go forward !
  • Indian women go to beauty parlour to get ready and they even get ready for going to beauty parlour !
  • We may be highly qualified and convent educated, but we can abuse to the best of our abilities only in our mother tongue… and it feels damn great !
  • We are the best lawyer on our mistakes and the best judge on other’s mistakes !
  • When we are late, we will always get stuck in traffic and get more late !
  • When we wish to go upstairs or downstairs, we will always find the elevator at the extreme opposite end (vertically) !
  • When we reach our residential building ground floor and are waiting for the elevator (to go home), it seems to pick up all the people in the world from each of the floors !
  • When we reach our residential building ground floor and are waiting for the elevator (to go home), all the old people suddenly seem to be interested in coming for a walk downstairs, taking their own sweet time in getting into the lift, not understanding which buttons to press etc etc !
  • When we drive a car, we almost always seem to point out mistakes of the people riding their bikes and when we ourselves ride a bike, we get angry on a car’s honking !
  • When we are in college, we are eager to work in office, and when we start going to office, we yearn to go back to college !
  • 90 % of the arguments happen, not because of the point or lack of consensus but because of the wrong tone of voice !
  • I find it very strange when people say some strange things like “It is a true fact”… Facts are always true baby ! OR “It is a real fact”… Facts are always real, otherwise they would not be called facts !!! Another very commonly heard thing during watching a cricket match “Kya Catch pakda yaar”… Now, what is “Catch” and what is “Pakda” ??? Aren’t both the same ?
  • As Indians, we are very emotional. In our school days, our seating place is fixed by the teachers. As we go to college, no Professor tells us where to sit. Yet we still sit at same place for our entire period of graduation !!
  • No matter how much we like to eat our favourite dishes, if they are kept in front of us in huge quantity, we will never be able to eat as much as we would like to ! Shaayad isiliye ek halwaai kabhi khud mithaai nahi khaata !!
  • Pay attention on your thoughts when you are alone and pay attention on your words when you are in public ! It can make or break things terribly !!
  • I always feel that overtaking is actually complete when last part of your vehicle has gone ahead of the other vehicle !! But most people who overtake us while driving, pay attention to overtaking till their front wheel goes ahead of us. And then they slightly move towards our vehicle as if even the back wheel has fully overtaken us !
  • CB06--BUS_SHELTER_157748f  Man has become so impatient and self-centered and you can see this from a Public Transport’s bus driver. When he stops his bus at a bus-stop, he stops right in the middle of the road, to hell with the traffic behind. Don’t go by his explanation that the passengers don’t stand within the bus stop premises. It has definitely got to do with the fact that he wishes to have a free road ahead !
  • Whenever you are in a queue, it always appears that the adjacent line is moving faster !
  • Ever seen a Ganpati Visarjan ??? Some people in a group on a procession take great pride and ownership in “Escorting” the group and directing / helping passing vehicles… Just observe their passion… Great fun ! But don’t misread this trait as good leadership skill. This is not how you define leadership…
  • Although population is increasing by the day, man is comfortable in being lonelier & thus happier ! Honestly, neither do I know the name of my neighbor, nor I am interested in knowing what he is doing !

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