Rajdhani Thali Restaurant (Pune)

I have now visited the Rajdhani Thali Restaurant twice, first with my friends and then with my family. Having visited twice & having had similar experiences, I can now say that I personally found this a passable place. The following are my personal observations and some striking points:

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant… Some Observations:

1) Although we had been here at Rajdhani Thali Restaurant in Pune on Sunday evenings, there were no long waiting queues. That was a good part actually.

2) But then once you sit, the servers bring in the plates and start serving quickly (almost monotonously) without even looking / caring about what you are saying. If you don’t want to have some dishes, they actually force you to eat. Not right ! I know some may be happy with it, but I wasn’t pleased at all.

3) The manner in which they served us – is what I found irritating as well. When you pour in Dal in plate, you can’t pour from a height. Else, it can leave stains on your clothes. But the server just didn’t seem to understand. In fact I could see him smiling… Don’t know why ???

4) Servers also serve very fast, before you finish what is already there in your plate. Now, serving fast doesn’t mean I am complementing them. No, I am not ! It is my utmost displeasure.

5) Have you guys observed that a Sweets Shop owner never has any inclination to eat sweets, because he sees it every day and in huge quantity all the time. It makes me wonder if it’s a strategy of the Restaurant’s Management to serve extremely fast, as if they are coming on to you and forcing people to eat, that people don’t actually eat much, finish early & leave early. And the restaurant saves on “food cost” expense, which is a vital part of their Profit & Loss Account. A psychological trick I would say. After all, from a commercial angle, how much can you really afford to give to your customers, when you have 10 different varieties of dishes (even though the size of the bowl in which you serve is less, quantity-wise) ? If you serve the customers at their own pace, your business will go for a toss. Besides, the huge rentals in Phoenix Mall in Pune that Rajdhani Thali Restaurant has to pay… You see, it has to make them sense to run this restaurant commercially. Hence, my belief on the kind of strategy used. And if I am wrong here and if anybody can correct me, I shall be happy to correct myself !

6) Food quality, number of items and the ambiance is good. Cost-wise also I found it reasonable, pegged at around INR 225/- per plate.

Overall, I don’t really see myself coming back here for a long time.

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Personal Verdict: 2.50/5.00

Last Visited in May 2014

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