Top Places To See In Jabalpur Worth Visiting

Jabalpur, a small-and-quiet city surrounded by huge patches of greenery, is located in Madhya Pradesh State, in Central India. I always make a point to visit some of these “places to see in Jabalpur”, although I will admit that there aren’t any tourists specifically visiting the city. In case you do, surely make a point to tick on these 3 places to see in Jabalpur:


Top Places To See in Jabalpur


Dhuandhaar Waterfalls

Places To See In Jabalpur

This is the first of the top 3 places in Jabalpur worth investing your time in. “Dhuandhaar” in Hindi, means “Lightening Fast”. But in this specific context, it means a kind of haze that is formed by the force of the water plunging from huge height. The water is that of River Narmada narrowing down and then falling from the rocky surface from a height of around 100 feet !

Another highlight of this point is the fact that even though there is scarce rainfall in any year, the flow of the water is not affected, don’t know how but then this is something amazing I felt  🙂


Click here if you want to dig deeper into this wonderful tourist attraction.


Bhedaghat Marble Rocks

The main attraction at Bhedaghat, as the heading suggests, is the Marble Rocks, that you see in different colours including Pure White, Black, Light Blueish and Light Green. You will have to opt for boating at a nominal cost, as specified by the Ticketing Office, you get to see the differently-coloured rocks. Typically boating in these waters during sunset or better still, on a full moon night could be awesome. Pay minute attention to the boatman for his comic rhymes (but don’t take it personally). Definitely one of the must places to see in Jabalpur.


Balancing Rock

Places To See In Jabalpur[Image: Balancing Rock]

Not even many of the local people know of the Balancing Rock phenomenon, that is right up here. Balancing Rock, located near Madan Mahal area in Jabalpur city, is a unique case of disintegrated volcanic rock developments, that subsequently sustained greater earthquake impacts measured as high as 6.7 on Richer Scale and yet could keep it’s original standing vis-a-vis a very small portion. Amused when I first saw it.


Dumna Nature Reserve

Dumna Nature Reserve[Image: Flickr/SandeepShukla]

Dumna Nature Reserve is a Nature Park opened for general public since quite some time. This is a really wonderful eco-tourism site, that boasts of it’s inhabitants like wild boars, jackals, porcupine and variety of birds. There have been some cases of leopard sightings as well. Apart from the wild animals, the place also has a dam that supplies water to Jabalpur city. Swimming in the lake is prohibited due to presence of crocodiles.  


So, whenever you happen to visit this quiet city, don’t take it for granted. As I always say, every place, whether popular or not, has it’s fair share of some weird, some amusing and some fantastic things. There’s always some adventure travel here & there. Let the power of observation soar !

3 Important Things To Note

  • You should plan a visit during Winter (November to February) ideally
  • Surprisingly, I could not find a washroom in any of these frequented places, except at Dumna
  • Approximate distance to Bhedaghat from City Centre is 20-22 Kms one way, while Dumna is 12-15 Kms in a diagonally opposite direction. 


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