Paradise Restaurant (Secunderabad)

Ever since I planned for my Hyderabad visit for exploration, one thing that was foremost the list was dining at Paradise Restaurant. I had heard a lot of great word-of-mouth recommendation of this place and was actually dying to visit.

Paradise Restaurant

The restaurant I visited, is located near Secunderabad Railway Station (5 minutes drive), although they have quite a few branches within the city. From the outside, you can see a huge 4-storey building and big banners and electronic board, all of the floors caters to different class of visitors, beginning bottom to top. I heard somebody saying that the top floor is where the likes of Sachin Tendulkar & such celebrities sit. The ground floor consists of all the pictures & autographs of all the celebrities who have visited this place, arranged & fixed very well on the walls on either side.

Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant

Spacious restaurant on the 2nd floor (for normal people like me), casual sitting arrangement, good ambience, with about 150 covers. Service is fairly quick, considering the crowd the restaurant attracts. It was almost full on Saturday, while I was in there.


Paradise Restaurant


My friend was very well conversant with the place and so, I left it to him to decide & order whatever menu he deems fit, while I started to do one of my favourite things – exploring the menu card. He asked for Chicken Kalami Kebabs, Chilly Chicken, 2 Chicken Biryani & 2 Coke.

Paradise Restaurant

(Chilly Chicken)

Paradise Restaurant

(Chicken Kalami Kebabs)

Paradise Restaurant

(Authentic Chicken Biryani, Raita & Mirchi Ka Salan)

Post dinner, there have to be some deserts. So, let’s taste some. I never had such amazing food ! The kebabs were really soft, that they could “dissolve” as you take the first bite. Really…

Very authentic biryani with great flavour at Paradise Restaurant ! Cost-wise, we were charged INR 1,200/- approx for 2 “healthy” people…    🙂

So, yeah very reasonable too. Just outside Paradise, there are 2 Paan Shops, both may have almost the same amount of crowd & may be doing similar sales. I tried at one of them the below Chocolate-flavoured Paan. That’s INR 30/- only. Very nice 🙂

I think every time I come to Hyderabad, one visit to Paradise Restaurant & thereafter Paan is almost a given 🙂

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Personal Verdict: 4.00/5.00

Last Visited in August 2015

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