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My Upcoming Travel in India’s Longest Running Train & My Expectations

I remember having had a discussion around November 2014 with my wife on my intent of doing something… other than my regular job, something meaningful, something where I feel it is my very own creation. What better, than to explore my writing skills on my travel tales ? This was how I started… with making a website in January 2015 and gradually writing blogs, that were basically about what I did, how I did & how I felt about it. I feel great that since these are my reviews, they invariably turn out to be absolutely honest and original. I never wanted to just copy & paste anything & everything that catches audiences’ attention.

But then as is the case with most travel bloggers, at some point in time, they just run out of content material and have nothing to write about. The same happened with me too and to overcome this gray area, I felt as if I can do nothing else, other than travel more. One thing led to another and here I am… Traveling ! Because it has become my favourite hobby, passion, compulsion or whatever you choose to call it. Sometimes these travels are as simple as visiting random cities & towns, having some important historical monuments or places of attraction, and writing down my line of thoughts. Sometimes, I also have this urge of doing something crazy, maybe stupid, or such form of ADVENTURE TRAVEL that others won’t find any sense of.

One of the crazy, stupid things I am attempting to do is journey on all of the WORLD’S TOP 10 LONGEST RUNNING TRAINS. And I am starting this, in my own country  India first, traveling in #VivekExpress, that is India’s Longest & World’s 10th Longest Running Train. Have a look at some of the features and aspects of this upcoming travel of mine below:

Longest Running Train

  • Vivek Express is India’s Longest & World’s 10th Longest Running Train
  • It starts from Dibrugarh (Assam) to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu), passes through 7 Indian States namely Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu
  • Runs for 83 Hours 5 Minutes at a stretch
  • 4,280 Kms in one journey

I am a little nervous, more than being confident, not about whether I will be able to do this but about what I will do during these 83 hours, apart from waving goodbye to some of the best places to visit in India from my train in motion – that is the challenge. A few people suggested me to do Break Journey, which passengers can do in Indian Railways, and try to capitalize on India Tourism concept. But then, that Break Journey is only for one destination, one time and for one day only. Besides, that’s not the theme for travel this time. The objective is obviously being there on the train for the entire duration. Anyway !

I have also configured that clubbing important tourist places in & around my destinations is a wonderful idea and as it is, Kanyakumari – India’s southern most tip – is pretty popular for experiencing serene sunrises & sunsets. Quite a few temples worth visiting as well. Nearby, there is Rameshwaram, which is also on the cards. So, this trip entails lot of enjoyment, exploration for me and a lot of content material 😉

#IncredibleIndia #BonVoyage !

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