An Evening in Lumpini Park (Bangkok)

Lumpini Park is no doubt one of the must visit places to be in Bangkok. Lets just say after your riot in Pattaya and Phuket and exploring the city life of Bangkok, if you are seeking a mild evening, come over here. A quiet tranquil place, some close personal talks are apt here. I was staying in Sukhumvit and had been to Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in the morning. After having roamed around in this mall for close to 3 hours and on realizing that this ain’t getting over, thought of then going around and spending some time at a different & quiet place, with my partner in tow. Hence, headed my way to Lumpini Park. 


Something About Lumpini Park

Spread over 142 acres of lush green landscape, Lumpini Park is huge and is very well maintained. Roads within are well constructed, vehicles are not allowed beyond the designated parking slots, cycles are allowed though. The fountains are nice, boating is also in there (I could see peddle boats). We found a lot of elder or senior citizens. Some musical festival inside the park was on when I went there but I didn’t bother to check.

Nice overall place for some quick photo sessions as well.


Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park


The waters in there has some very big lizards, they are very scary. The scarier part is that the canals / water-ways that passes through, within this park has no fencing, meaning that the lizards can come out of the water and rest adjacent to you on the lawns. All the best then !


Lumpini Park


Do note that the visiting hours of Lumpini Park is from 5 am to 9 pm !


Washroom facility is available.

Having said that, looking at a bigger picture, a park is a park. How much will the boys really enjoy ??? Girls will like it more, I guess ! But nice for a quiet stroll though, in sunrise or sunset time.


How To Reach Lumpini Park

  • It is situated in Pathumwan area in Bangkok
  • From Siam, we hired a Tuk Tuk, we were charged some 70 THB. Must be around 10 minutes’ distance without traffic
  • If you opt for BTS (Skytrain or Metro), the nearest station is Sala Daeng, on the Silom Line



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