Leather Lounge (Pune)

Personal Verdict: 3.50/5.00

I went to Leather Lounge, located at MG Road (Camp) in Pune, with a group of friends. We were 2 boys & 2 girls. The entrance is that of a mall that must have been constructed in early 2000s but once you reach the 3rd floor, you find the atmosphere change like hell.


We had reserved our space, so didn’t find any surprises there. It appears to be tiny, crinky place with a lot of smoke around. But that smoke is more of the Hukka. I tasted / inhaled or whatever you call, this hukka for the first time in my life and found it good. It was Paan flavoured. Along side we had ordered for some beers and peanuts and yeah, spending good time. You could say it was a new friendship for 4 of us, and yeah, it was a good way of spending time on a Saturday.

It is then we came to know that each Saturday, there is this tall fellow who comes in to sing & entertain the crowd. At first, I didn’t pay much attention on this entertainment but trust me, when he started singing, I was floored. Great voice ! Really !! He really makes the place come alive ! Sings a lot of English, Hindi, Punjabi & Sufi songs with equal ease.

I could see a lot of them being quite regulars. The place is safe even for a group of girls if they want to have a good time. Some flirting, some touching here & there, but no lecherous activity if the girl isn’t interested. The seat next to ours had 5 beautiful girls, may be around 22-24, even doing an impromptu jig, with nobody really bothering them or staring at them. It’s a different issue that then they got into form, drank more than their digesting capacity, started vomiting and then again began dancing. But yeah, it looks & feels nice for the place like this.

We went in at 9.30 pm and were out by 2.45 am, with a promise to return again pretty soon. Cheers !

Last Visited in November 2014


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