Dhuandhaar Waterfall & Marble Rocks (Jabalpur)

Jabalpur is a small but beautiful town located in Central India. Although there is not much to do, there are some noteworthy Jabalpur tourist places to see, for sure.


A Visit to Marble Rocks @ Bhedaghat

I was staying in Jabalpur (India) for personal reasons and although I had visited nearby places before in 2008, thought of visiting this place one more time, to see it up, close & personal.

There are small shops on both sides of the gangway (that takes you to the spot) selling statues, purses, small marbles & some ladies items. Go down about 30 steps and you find small boats available. Hire a boat depending upon the number of persons in your group or if you are solo, adjust yourself with others. The boats are hand-operated and not the mechanized ones.

The charges, as defined by the local government, are INR 50/- per person for a 30-minute boat ride but the agents or the boatman who operates the boat will press you for going a 60-minute ride. For the 60-minute ride, they charge double the fare but I realized that, for them it is less labour since the longer journey is an extension of the 30-minute ride, deeper into the water, route remaining the same. But whichever ride you take, everybody must listen to the Hindi commentary (in rhymes) by the boatman, very funny.


Dhuandhaar Waterfall


The main attraction are the Marble Rocks, that you shall see in different colours including Pure White, Black, Light Blueish and Light Green too. It was sunset when I visited. Liked it.


Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

This place is eagerly visited by many tourists between 8 pm to 12 am at night, especially on the night when the moon is full. The dim light of the moon falling on the marble rocks transforms the place into some kind of heaven, as was told to me by the boatman. Let’s see if I can visit next time on a full moon night.


Dhuandhaar Waterfall – 2nd of the Jabalpur Tourist Places

There is another in the list of Jabalpur Tourist Places called “Dhuandhaar” which is a big waterfall, 10 minutes in car from Bhedaghat.

During my visit to Marble Rocks @ Bhedaghat, this was also the place that was recommended to me as a MUST SEE. And I did visit the place, which I found nice. “Dhuandhaar” in Hindi means “Lightening Fast”. But in this specific context, it means a kind of haze that is formed by the force of the water plunging from huge height. The water is that of River Narmada narrowing down and then falling from the rocky surface from a height of around 100 feet !

This place is around 1-2 kms from the Marble Rocks Attraction Point in Bhedaghat by road, what I referred to, above. Parking of our vehicles is quite far from the main attraction point. There is a concrete road being built, which now has street vendors occupying one side of the road. These vendors sell anything & everything under the sun, from eatables to marbles to statues to purses to mirrors at cheap prices.


Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

Jabalpur Tourist Places

There are safety precautions in place, including all safety barricades so that over-enthusiastic people don’t fall off, while pushing & gushing for their selfies. The water falls with a lot of force that creates some kind of a haze around and cool breezy feeling. Overall, it looks to me that this must be a crowded place at all times, although visited only by locals nearby or tourists / guests / relatives of people staying in & around Jabalpur. You don’t see foreigners here, of course ! None-the-less, since it is only 2 kms from Bhedaghat, you could cover this place too, atleast for once. Additionally, the Chausat Yogini Temple is the 3rd amongst the list of Jabalpur Tourist Places, that is also visited by Hindu tourists. I feel you should visit if you are nearby. Don’t trouble yourself going there all the way specifically to see this place, not that much worth time & money.


How To Reach Bhedaghat & Dhuandhaar ?

Bhedaghat & Dhuandhaar is around 15-17 kms from Jabalpur City Centre, max 30 minutes by road. If you have your own vehicle, nothing like it. Else, taking a Bus or Taxi although not that costly but can turn into a very cumbersome process. Bhedaghat is actually a very small village. You can ask anybody in the village for directions and he or she will be glad to assist you.


Best Time To Visit

Although tourists visit both the places all round the year, Winters (i.e. typically October to February) is the best time. Boating is closed during rainy season.

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