Sunshine Garden Resort (Pattaya)

I had been to Pattaya recently and out of the all the hotels in Pattaya, a majority of them good no doubt I think, happen to stay at this hotel. It has a feeling of that of a resort and not the typical huge vertical sky-touching hotels in Pattaya. Located in the heart of the city, the area is referred to as North Pattaya. This 1-storey resort is huge & spacious that has over 100 rooms on ground & first floor combined. Good parking space for vehicles. Hotel lobby / Reception is again spacious with seating capacity of 20 people. Just besides the lobby, they have their in-house restaurant too, that serve you American / Continental / Thai Breakfast from 7.00 am to 10. 30 am. Plus lunch & dinner. But since I was mostly out, I never had lunch or dinner in this restaurant. It is divided into 2 segments, one part is just like a closed restaurant with ceilings etc and the other half portion is open garden type. The latter is preferable during morning breakfast, with cool breeze flowing.

Some pics of Sunshine Hotels in Pattaya


Hotels in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya

On the day of check-in, there were 4 couples who also wanted to check-in. But I thought the time taken to complete the formalities by Reception staff was a little bit more and I was there on the sofa in lobby awaiting my turn & it looked like forever. So, in the meantime, I tried to sneak a peek at their Swimming Pool, pretty big having max depth of 9 feet. Ain’t sure though.

Hotels in Pattaya

Once the check-in was done and my room 139 was allotted, I went in and was happy with the room. Spacious as I would consider it, not at all cramped feeling, clean bed & mattresses, pure white, very soft. Had an LCD TV but only one Hindi channel (Zee TV), rest all are local channels. The room had balcony with 2 reclining chairs and a centre table, so you can enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee sitting in the balcony. Wonder how better it would have been, had I got the room facing the swimming pool! (My room was on the opposite side, facing a small road). There was a mini-bar, with drinks such as JD, Chivas Reagel, Smirnoff Vodka, accompanied by soft drinks. Oh no, I don’t have them and I didn’t touch them 🙂 Clean bathroom with white towels, white napkins and such other basic toiletries being kept. Hot & Cold water is available. First time Indian Visitors, get ready with using tissue papers in toilets. There is no water available across Thailand hotels for your “cleaning” activity, unlike in India -:P

Some pics of my room:

Hotels in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya

Room service was a little slow or I think there could have been some communication problem for non-cleaning of our room despite requesting them. I have seen in Indian hotels, the housekeeping staff comes everyday in the morning, whether you call them or not. I don’t know if this is also applicable in Thailand because they didn’t come to clean the room everyday by default. Anyway, no complaints here!

SuperMarkets Near Hotels in Pattaya

Just outside of this resort is a North Pattaya Circle (above pic), from where you can take local transport (10-seater Tuk Tuk), who will take you to Pattaya Beach or the very famous Walking Street. These attractions are only about 10 minutes ride and cost you 10 THB per person. While coming back though, these Tuk Tuk take 40 THB per person on an average, depending upon what time you are returning, of course. Besides this, there are street (local) food vendors, medical stores and Super Markets like 7/11 and Family Mart available every 2 km. If you don’t want to try local food, try McDonalds instead, which is located near the Walking Street. There are a lot of Currency Conversion Outlets available, just in case you feel the need to. I carried just a right amount of cash. Be wary of withdrawing money from ATMs. There was a time when local banks, particularly Aeon was allowing you to withdraw money free of cost. Now, every bank charges 150 THB for a single transaction. You may end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily. You carry sufficient cash and keep the excess cash in Safe Box that is available in every room of this resort. Very safe.

Overall with whatever I saw in my 4 days stay, I felt the reception female staff are not very helpful in terms of openly talking to you or advising you the must-see local places or the best mode of transport. They look at you for 2 minutes and start discussing their personal stuff with each other in their local language and conveniently forget that you are anticipating their response. So, you keep standing there, wondering if she has understood the question. Check-out process is very fast.

The One Disappointing Thing in Sunshine Hotels in Pattaya

One thing though – during check-in, the helper boys will quickly pick up your luggage and keep in your allotted room w/o you even expecting. Once the check-out is done and you have cleared the bill, the same helper boys don’t recognize you and don’t help you with your luggage. But then again, it is not the hotel’s fault, it is tourist’s fault for expecting same great service standards 🙂 Budget property, room rates are very reasonable. I was here for 4 days and enjoyed my stay.

Address: Opposite North Pattaya Circle, Pattaya.

Personal Verdict: 3.50/5.00

Last Visited in January 2015

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