Majestic Tourist Hotel (Kandy)

Post my visit to Galle, my next destination was Kandy (via Colombo) by train, which was scheduled to reach at around 9.00 pm. I had already finalized & reserved my room in one of the budget hotels in Kandy through before leaving from my home country. Also, the fact that I had spoken to the owner of this hotel a day earlier and got his much-needed advise on the distance of the hotel from Kandy Railway Station (5 Kms take 15-20 minutes) and the fare the Tuk Tuks charge (around 200 LKR), I thank him for this help. I saved quite a few rupees.

Kandy town itself is a very small town. So, it appears that the hotel is located a little far from the City Centre, Kandy Railway Station appears to be the centre of Kandy town. Besides, quite a few hotels in Kandy, including our’s, are situated on the nearby hills. It took the Tuk Tuk driver sometime to locate the place. The road that leads to this hotel on the hills, of course is not well-illuminated (not the fault of the hotel). The “Orange-Coloured” building is the Hotel, on the hills ! At the top, is their roof-top restaurant. 

Hotels in Kandy

(The small lane that takes you to the Hotel)

But the board displaying the “left” turn to reach the hotel is fixed after the turn. This results into going past the board and then searching for the “left turn” that the board displayed and you don’t find the left turn at all. So, you again come back. Eventually you find it.

Hotels in Kandy

(The small lane that takes us to the hotel, is prior to this display board – Beware !) 

When I reached this hotel by around 9.30 pm, I was greeted by their assistant, who was waiting for us. The overall lighting of the hotel is not good. You find it difficult to locate it at night. I initially thought of it as if I took a wrong decision. But I met the owner and she was very polite and nice. She immediately ensured I get my room and even hot water for shower was quickly arranged. Now reaching the hotel by 9.30 pm from Galle also meant that I was very hungry. Although their kitchen was closed, she was very kind to arrange food for me. I appreciate her help.

Hotels in Kandy

Hotels in Kandy


The room was nice, pretty big, had a nice double bed with mosquito net (though there were no mosquitos), one iron stand for drying clothes etc and a small wooden table for keeping your general things like camera, perfume and toiletries I guess.

Hotels in Kandy


Roof Top Restaurant

The hotel also has a good roof-top restaurant, I used it mainly for my morning breakfast, being served from 7.00 am to 9.00 am as per their Policy, that consisted bread-butter-jam, one egg, one glass of juice – which was included in my room charges and tea thereafter (tea was charged to me @ 100 LKR per cup). There is a menu card, but I don’t know why I felt that the food items there were over-priced ??? The restaurant has nice views all around and in the mornings, it has cool breeze as well.

Cheap Bus Service Plying Across Through Majority of Hotels in Kandy

In case you are on budget & if you want to go around seeing nearby places, there is local bus service. The bus stop is very close to the hotel and it shall cost you only 12 LKR upto the City Centre. Post 7.30 pm, there are no buses – beware. I had a good chat with the owners, who were very helpful in sharing information about the attraction places, transport, charges etc.

Overall, nice place to stay.

Address: Ampitiya Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Personal Verdict: 3.25/5.00
Last Visited in June 2015

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