OYO Rooms (Secunderabad)

While the city of Hyderabad in general is cheap cost-wise but don’t expect the hotels in Hyderabad follow the same logic. Of course, these days the competition is so tight that they will segment and place themselves with their peer-level and then try to compete on price.

This property is located very close to Secunderabad Railway Station, walkable distance of around 1 km. I tried searching for “OYO ROOMS” board but took a while finding it. It is then that my friend, who was also staying with me, told me that OYO ROOMS is a company offering hotel rooms at great prices but hotels do not belong to them. May be they have entered into some kind of tie-up with good hotels across India. The hotels allow guests of OYO to stay as per the reservations done.

Hotels in Hyderabad

The hotel name was Times Square, a good hotel. Found it having good spacious reception and the staff at front office took around just 10 minutes to finish off the formalities. I was in Room 203, with a nice view of the main road outside. In fact, all the rooms adjoining this Room 203 must have equally nice view, looking at the building structure.

Hotels in Hyderabad

(Front Office Area)


Regular Facilities in Hotels in Hyderabad

Room was nice & cozy, clean white-coloured bed & mattresses, clean bathroom and compact cupboards. Clothing shelf was nice but some fragrance should be sprayed after regular intervals there. Medium size (32 inch) LCD TV with good number of channels and a free wifi made life easier for me. Wifi is free & on 24/7. Toilets were clean too.

Some Pics of OYO Group of Hotels in Hyderabad

Hotels in Hyderabad

(Room No. 203 Entrance)

Hotels in Hyderabad

(Clean Bed – Very Nice)

Hotels in Hyderabad


Hotels in Hyderabad

(Clothing Shelf of the Cupboard)


Food Menu at OYO Hotels in Hyderabad


The charges also included free breakfast, the restaurant is on the left of the hotel’s main entrance (Blue B). Breakfast has quite a number of items to eat, including Idli, Plain Dosa, Indian breads & Vegetables, Boiled Eggs, Veg Noodles, Juices (Orange, Pineapple, Grape & Vanilla Milkshake), Freshly-Cut Fruits (Mostly Watermelons) and Tea / Coffee. If it is not included in your hotel stay, this unlimited breakfast shall cost you INR 149/- plus taxes.

I was put up here with one of my friends and for this “premium” double occupancy, they charged us around INR 1,950/- per day, which is little on the pricier side I feel, if compared with hotels in Hyderabad and of other metro cities in India. If you book at Times Square per say, I think I saw their rate was even more around INR 3,200/- per day. Overall, I am happy with OYO & will prefer to stay with them in future as well.

What Can You Do In Hyderabad In Free Time ?

Definitely pay a visit to the Charminar and Golconda Fort, even if you have about 6 hours to spare… Worth it 🙂


Hotel Address: Times Square Hotel, Opp. Clock Tower, Secunderabad. 


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