Marvel Hotel (Bangkok)

I had researched a bit from TripAdvisor, read quite a few reviews on hotels in Bangkok. They turned out to be useful of course. Based on the recommendations from TripAdvisor by a majority of the members here, I chose this one.

1) The name Marvel Hotel is the new name that the Management has taken. It was formerly known as The Grand Mercure Park Avenue Hotel. A lot of Tuk Tuk and Taxi Drivers will still find it difficult to identify with the new name. So, you take both names & see if they are able to figure it out in their minds.

Hotels in Bangkok

Hotels in Bangkok ‘s Sukhumvit Area are a little far from the International Airport

2) There are a few hotels in Bangkok, that are located in Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22 Area in the New Bangkok, including this one. Now for the uninitiated, just like Mumbai has actually 3 divisions – Western, Central and the more recent Navi Mumbai. Similarly Bangkok has 2 divisions of sort – Old Bangkok, which has these famous attractions like the temples (Wat Pho & Wat Arun etc), The Grand Palace and The Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise. You also find this part of Bangkok a little congested, with a lot of traffic, small lanes etc. Sukhumvit is a part of New Bangkok. Good area. Close to Siam, a big & popular shopping area.

3) Just as we reached the hotel, the gate assistant was quick enough in coming forward to help us with our luggage to the concierge desk. He politely directed us towards the Reception area (In any case, we would have done that but I appreciate his ownership)

I thought the morning time is always busy time for most of the hotels in Bangkok !

4) I thought since there were a lot of flight arrivals in the morning from 7 am to 10 am, there were quite a few tourists from India, China and Japan that had come in this hotel, awaiting their turn to complete the check-in formalities.

5) With just one expert lady at the Reception and one cute-looking (male) intern I guess, but he was neck-deep confused on the procedure to be followed, I felt it was becoming difficult for the lady in charge. By the time it was my turn, one hour had passed by. Finally, my check-in process took 15 minutes to get done. BTW, they also take 1,000 THB as a refundable security deposit.

6) On my way to my room 1412, on the 14th floor, the first thing I observed is that the lifts’ running speed is very fast. It was as if I was on 14th floor in a matter of 1 minute. I was also hoping to have a nice room with a nice view & not a typical congested / closed one. Just as I entered my room, I felt it was nice. Not as spacious as my earlier hotel Sunshine Garden Resort in Pattaya but nice.

Hotels in Bangkok

Hotels in Bangkok

Hotels in Bangkok

General Amenities and In-House Restaurant Menu across budget hotels in Bangkok is worth it too

7) There was a mini-bar, cupboard, clean bed & mattresses, nice view, clean bathrooms and good illumination. There is also a Swimming Pool and a Fitness Center on the 6th Floor. Both are actually good, and not just being done for the sake of it. I used the Fitness Center on all the 4 days I was there.

8) On the ground floor, there is a Cafe that has Drinks options and a lot of Thai Food items. Buffet breakfast is open from 6.30 am to 10.30 am, has a variety of menu including bread butter jam, Indian Veg Biryani (in the morning… huh ???), fruits and some other things of Pork, Beef and Chicken but I don’t recollect the names, fruit juices (Orange & Pineapple), Tea & Coffee. I don’t know but I was horrified of the tea they served. Not their fault, but I feel we Indians are very fond of Ginger Tea, that we typically make at our homes and we aren’t really okay with the way it is being prepared… in parts. 🙂

9) You may feel that this hotel is located in a small lane. You are right ! A very small lane it is and not on the main road as such. But not that a big deal.

Siam is a popular market place for tourists staying across hotels in Bangkok

10) Just outside the hotel, you shall always find 2-3 Taxis parked. So, if you want to go somewhere, you opt for meter taxi or you can confirm the charges before-hand and go. That way, looking at Bangkok traffic jams (worst than that of Mumbai), at least you are sure of the charges. Alternatively I suggest you take a Metro, also called as BTS. Very cost effective. For taking BTS, you can take a short walk on this lane to your left from this hotel and reach the main road. If you turn right, go to “Emporium Station”, climb the stairs and take BTS to Siam. If you turn left on reaching the main road, go to “Asok Station”, climb the stairs and take BTS to Siam. Taxi took 120 THB from me to reach Siam from my hotel whereas in BTS, it cost me 64 THB for me & my partner. So, I guess you can sense now.

11) Siam is a very popular shopping place, you have 2 of the largest shopping malls there – Siam Paragon Shopping Mall and MBK Centre. Besides, you can opt to go to Indra Market for street shopping, again very cheap but as Indians, bargain hard ! Don’t care about what others feel !! 🙂 But if you want to go somewhere else, opt for taxi with fares decided before-hand.

Marvel is also one of the good budget hotels in Bangkok, no doubt !

12) The hotel charges were around THB 1,800/- per day. Overall very happy with my stay here.

Address: 30, Soi Sukhumvit 22, Klongtoey District, Bangkok. 

Personal Verdict: 3.50/5.00

Last Visited in January 2015

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