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GPS-Aided Travel App… Way To Go !

Blogging is to write one’s ideas and thoughts on any topic under the sun, depending upon your interest, on a digital paper i.e. in a form of a website. Blogging started around 2004-05, but only gained importance since the last 5-6 years in a real sense. Before that, there was not a single word on blogging or on any travel app. All I could hear & see was that it was only the celebrities who were into this, mainly to express their thoughts (since every now & then media interviews weren’t possible & it also allowed them to get away from unnecessary controversial questions).

In the last 5-6 years, more specifically in the last 2-3 years, blogging has become immensely popular. There are various categories in that as well, namely Travel & Lifestyle being the most common of them all.


Current New Development

Now keeping with the current times, the concept of Travel Apps have come to the foreground.

I will give an actual real life example:

Whenever now-a-days one wants to visit an unknown destination on a vacation, whether solo or with family, it is most likely that we depend on our home computers & internet to gain information (apart from word-of-mouth recommendation) on places to visit, places to eat & must-see lists. We also read the hotel reviews before booking. Most likely, we note some of that on a piece of paper and then preserve it all through the journey. With a little advancement in technology, people started accessing all sorts of information through their mobile. Quite a few today access internet on phone whilst traveling and check things out (through Google) at regular intervals. But this is a costly proposition as you don’t know the various internet plans & the charges in the country you are visiting. Besides, how long will it take to load the exact page you want to visit, is another question. This is internet access on the phone, mind you !

GPS-Aided Travel App

Hence, to solve this problem, now there is a great concept of Travel Application or Travel App being started by GPSmyCity. In here, you have all the information on over 700 cities of the world being stored in their travel app, which you have to download just once. The app then remains with you on your mobile, and can be accessed without internet. It also guides you the directions, through the GPS Co-ordinates embedded in it, such that you reach the important tourist places that you want to see. There are some pictures of how it is visible:

Travel App

Travel App

Travel App

Travel App

And fantastic thing to know is that you can download any travel app article on any city, FREE OF COST & keep it handy with you for your entire life. For an upgrade, they charge us around $1.99 only.


It’s just like having a personalized service of a tourist guide at all times. So no nagging and shagging by actual tourist guides & freedom from hefty prices they ask    🙂


You can access the GPS-aided Travel Apps of Cities you are interested in, through GPSmyCity app, browse and click on the particular city, to which the articles are available.

Free GiveAway – One Article From Me To You  🙂

As a promotion and for you to personally see & experience this awesome technology first-hand, I am giving one free article app (on Ahmedabad), including the upgrade during the first 1 week of it’s launch, from 5th December 2016 to 11th December 2016. So hurry up, click on this below link ON YOUR iPHONE OR iPAD and see for yourself…

GPS-Aided Travel App – 7 Touristic Things to Do in Ahmedabad


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PS: If you upgrade this app post, I will receive a few dollars. It will help me offset the cost of maintaining this website and may be also help in booking a hotel room for one night during my travels…  So, don’t be a miser    😉


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