Gems Gallery (Pattaya)

I went in Gems Gallery in Pattaya with my partner in tow and some other couples from MakeMyTrip Group. This was supposed to be our last day in Pattaya and we were on our way to Bangkok, before stopping here.

Gems Gallery

(Gems Gallery Pattaya from Outside… Source:

Gems Gallery ISO Certification


The Typical Order You Need To Follow @ Gems Gallery

This is a huge building. Once you are in the reception, the assistants there will take you to the left hand side of the reception, to a mini-train ride. The train track laid is in the zig-zag form, a feeling similar to that of what we get inside a tunnel.

Gems Gallery

(The mini-train ride…. Source:

Statues in Gems Gallery


Red, Green & Blue lights illuminate the tunnel and you are able to see some “moving statues” of men working, that you can see in the above picture. This is in a chronological order of how the precious gems are made into it’s final form – the finely-cut and polished stones that you and I buy ultimately from jewellery shops. This ride is an awesome experience.

Gems Gallery

Gems Gallery

(The huge showroom…. Source:

After about 30 minutes or so, the ride ends and you are escorted into a huge showroom that has on display 100s of stones, from cheapest category to the costliest one. But none-the-less, the stones are very precious and although I didn’t buy anything, just by looking at it, I felt as if they were sacred stones – different amazing colours – dark red, light pink, light green, navy & turquoise blue etc. Wonderful !

Gems Gallery

Gems Gallery

(Souvenir Section… Source:

There is another huge section “Souvenir Section” on general shopping items like purses, belts, wallets, bottles, bags etc. Thereafter, we entered their cafeteria and had a few cups of tea – for free. They don’t charge anything here too – nice gesture, I feel !

Gems Gallery

 (Cafeteria Section… Source:

The entire visit, even at leisure, should take you a little over 2 hours, if you are accompanied by females… If you are a group of males, I am damn sure we can finish this within 45 minutes max 😉

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Photography is not allowed inside the premises. The pictures displayed above are sourced from respective websites only for illustration purpose, to help the viewers of this blog, for their understanding. Due credit is also being given here by mentioning that respective source. 

Hotel Accomodation Near Gems Gallery Pattaya

Last Visited January 2015

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