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Garudmaachi: Excellent for an Outbound Training Program

I had been here once in GARUDMAACHI with around 30 of my fellow office colleagues on a 3 Days & 2 nights’ official trip. Ours was a Management Development Program, designed around concepts like Team Work, Team Building and Motivation. This huge property is owned by the Corporate Training Firm called “High Places Pvt Ltd”, having their main office in Pune. This resort is located on Pune – Mangaon Road, near Tamhini Ghat, around 75 kms from Pune and about 130 odd kms from Mumbai (via Kolad). You shall have to go on road, since no other form of transport is possible, it should take you close to 2 hours from Pune and 3 hours from Mumbai roughly.


  • We reached here around 8.00 pm and were greeted by the Management Team Mr. Vasant Limaye & Company.
  • While the parking was outside, the resort itself is located a little higher and you are supposed to go uphill a bit. It was well-lit, there were tents with cots and attached bathrooms. The tents could accommodate 6 people each. I thought the ambience was very nice. So, instantly upon getting inside the main gate, I just had that sneaky feeling that this is going to be very good.
  • Spread over 30-acres of land approx, the place had a huge stone-made structure of about 7-8 storey building’s height for rock climbing purpose. And then there are myriad arrangements made for the outdoor management sessions !
  • What followed in the next 2 days, was a series of good management games, that involved team building exercises of around 60-90 minutes each and then sessions & discussions on what we did, how we did and what should or could have been done better for another 60 minutes, followed by 15-minute break. This was done 3 times each day.
  • Getting up at 4.30 am in morning, going in for forest walk nearby for an hour or so, seeing the sunrise on one end of the cliff was all very amazing. Since there are no residences or any commercial places around, there was absolutely no noise. Safe for women participants too. Good breakfasts & meals on all days.
  • Though overall, the feeling of this outing was pretty much close to what we all feel when we go anywhere for the first time, but may be because I was very new in my organization at this point in time, felt couldn’t quite be on my typical own, just as I am with my set of friends !
  • I found the trainers were all mountaineering experts and professionals in the way they conducted themselves. And although Mr. Limaye is indeed very senior to me, we did speak, albeit sometimes and I didn’t feel I don’t know him. It was only after the end of the trip while returning, that somebody in the bus told me that he is an ex-IIT graduate 🙂 Very few people are able to turn their passion / hobbies into their profession & then they don’t work !

It may not be appropriate for me to mention the money that they charged us since there are a lot of variables involved and it’s all very relative w.r.t the companies that come here. It doesn’t matter as well, I guess.

For me who was new in my career, who had just started with his job, post his MBA, it was all very new & exciting. But even now, as an HR Manager, if I am to refer or suppose to arrange an Outbound Training Program for my employees in whichever Company I work for, I will certainly keep Garudmaachi in mind.

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