Galle Face Green (Colombo)

I was in Colombo just a couple of months back, just prior to the rains and on one of the free evenings, I took a stroll to one of the tourist places within Colombo, by the name Galle Face Green. I don’t know the logic of the name associated with this place but I found it a nice place, centrally located near to Colombo Fort Railway Station, which is the centre of the city.

Galle Face Green




So What Exactly is Galle Face Green ?

This is like an Urban Park, an open space really, spread over an area of 12 acres, with benches etc. On one end, you have the sea and the other end has got a main highway that starts from Fort Railway Station, passing through this place and stretches upto southern Sri Lankan town of Galle & beyond.

The tourists and local people can spend their early mornings and late evenings in here, just quietly sitting on the benches, looking at the sea and listening to the waves. Sounds good and feels nice. Opposite to this place, there is an old Parliament building (which is not in operation as of now), 2 Five-Star hotels – Ceylon Inter-Continental and Taj.

Galle Face Green

Besides, I went on Sunday evening and it was too crowded. So I guess on weekends, we can expect huge crowd. But the place overall is safe, no worries on that part.


Facilities at Galle Face Green

There are also many food-stalls and street vendors offering mostly non vegetarian local food items and refreshments. The prices are high there but people don’t hesitate to buy. There are Tuk Tuks and buses available, so transport is also not an issue.

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Note: The Cover Pic is sourced from and in no way meant for any commercial transactions. They are only for illustration purpose for fellow travelers, so as to showcase them the beauty of Sri Lankan beaches.   

Last Visited June 2015

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4 thoughts on “Galle Face Green (Colombo)”

  1. Hi Shaunak, Galle Face seems to be a serene place in an otherwise crowded Colombo city.
    I guess you have to moved your blog to a self-hosting platform from…how is it going 🙂

    1. Hey nice chatting with you after long time. My IT graduate friend made this new website, so he knows more than I do. But yes, it’s been good. Only problem is that the traffic has reduced and the old subscribers of WordPress are gone. How about yours ?

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