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Funny But True Observations on Family & Indian Wedding

India is a vast country. And with a humongous population, over 125 Crore – second only to China, that however today somewhere seems to be becoming an asset – as you have over 65% of the total population under 35 years of age. Many people, of almost all religions, castes, creed and other “symbol of differences” – as I would like to refer to them  – following their respective customs and traditions. While a majority of us still respect other person’s values, there is something very unique that binds all of us together, despite the differences. This is my take and my funny but true observations on Indian Families, especially Indian Wedding. Hope you enjoy it    😉

Funny But True Observations on Indian Family & Indian Wedding Happenings


  • However old we are & however best Indian Wedding we have arranged, our parents need to know our schedule… Daily… It is non-negotiable !


  • Girls are expected to be SUPERWOMAN after their marriage, knowing everything & it’s believed to be okay if boys don’t know anything and are clumsy ! Reality is that girls are brought up just the way boys are brought up ! An Indian mother-in-law doesn’t really get this. And when the same mother-in-law’s daughter doesn’t know anything in her in-laws place, she supports her daughter. So, why doesn’t this mother-in-law support her daughter-in-law ???


  • The bride MUST cry at the Indian Wedding during her Vidaai ! If she doesn’t cry, it can become the favourite talk of the town !

crying bride at indian wedding

(Image Source: Marathi Weddings)

  • No matter how much a bride’s family does good arrangements in Indian Wedding, there will always be that one thing that will upset the groom’s father… so much so that for 2 seconds you feel “Marriage’s Called Off !”


  • The “FUFA” (our father’s sister’s husband) & the “SAMDHI” (Groom’s Father) are always supposed to be angry… no matter how much you do for them ! They will always be criticizing something or the other, at the in-laws’ place !


  • More than 70% of the guests in Indian wedding will attend this function only for FOOD ! Yes, we love free food ! And if your menu has Ras Malai or Fruit Salad, I bet your guests will not leave the food counter, in fact they may even block the way to the counter where this Fruit Salad is being served ! I have seen even the Vice Presidents in HR Conferences in 7 Star hotels doing this !


(Image Source: Akbarsown)

  • When an Indian wife says to her husband “I think I am done with watching TV… it’s late, I am going to sleep”, she will go to the kitchen, clean the platform & see if the utensils are in order, prepare / cut vegetables for tomorrow’s lunches, check if the clothes put in the gallery are dried up, lock all the doors, will go to her children’s bedroom, have a little word if they are still completing their homework, go to her bedroom, arrange the bedding, will plan for and take out tomorrow’s dress to be worn, put her phone on charger and will finally go to bed ! When an Indian husband says the same, he simply switches off the TV and goes straight to bed !


  • Indian men may sometimes get angry on their wives unnecessarily, and still expect her to coax them, persuade them and talk to them politely but if she takes a firm stand, it hurts their ego further !


  • Indian kids shout, scream, sing, dance & play with all their passion & energy and do everything in front of the people who don’t want to see them doing all this or who have everyday watched them doing all this. For eg: their parents. But when the kids’ parents ask them to perform in front of the guests, they just don’t do it… No matter how much you plead ! 🙁


  • An Indian mother may keep on cribbing on how her children dirty the house, how they don’t keep things at their place and how she is the only one who has to clean it. But the truth is… she just loves to clean the dirty house !


  • When Indian parents buy any bus or train tickets, every child becomes less than 12 years old ! Getting half ticket is an achievement !


  • A lot of Indian parents talk to their child in their mother tongue at home. But they start talking to their child in English in front of the guests. I say, pl spare the poor child. I can make out from your child’s face that he hasn’t understood a damn word and is frantically looking for help… & wondering… “Oh my God ! What are they saying ???

Confused Kid

(Image Source: Baby Gaga)

Whatever said & done about Indian Wedding and the life in general, Luck and Wife may be troubling you some times, but when they support you, your life changes !    🙂

If you too know of some funny instances, do reply to this post and write in to me here quickly…

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5 thoughts on “Funny But True Observations on Family & Indian Wedding”

  1. Hahaha…very well said and true observations indeed.

    “The bride MUST cry at the Indian Wedding during her Vidaai ! If she doesn’t cry, it can become the favourite talk of the town !”

    I am so well aware of it! I didn’t cry and….. rest is history… 😛 😀

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