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Top 5 Food Festivals Across The World For Ultimate Foodies

Since the time I can remember, I have heard 2 well-known phrases namely “Good Food makes for a Great Mood” and “The best way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach”… True, isn’t it? I find there are quite a handful for whom good food is all the happiness in the world. These people are called “foodies”. I categorize myself as one. With our ardent love for food, they seek new food experiences to explore the varied cuisines of the world. And if you think that you are one of those people who can go miles to tantalize the taste buds, then hurry up & book one of the popular travel websites to travel to these particular regions. Get ready to taste your way across the world for we have chalked out the list of top 5 food festivals of the world for the ultimate foodie in you!

Top 5 Food Festivals Across the World for The Ultimate Foodies

Taste of Chicago

Food Festivals[ImageSource: Local Beet] 

Stealing the limelight, this one’s famous food festivals, is the dream for every food-lover out there. Famous as the largest of the food festivals in the world, it takes place for five days in the Grant Park of Chicago, Illinois since 1980. Millions of people gather every year in the summers to celebrate the rich and diverse cuisines of the city. Be it the traditional local dishes, ethnic food from the neighborhood regions or the creative dishes inspired by chefs – Taste of Chicago fulfills every desire of your tummy. And guess what? The entry to this jaw-dropping festival is free! Besides giving you the ultimate food experience, The Taste of Chicago also hosts a wide variety of musical performances.

Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktoberfest Food Festivals

Renowned as the world’s largest Volksfest, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich, Bavaria during the months of September and October annually.  Hosting millions of visitors, the festival offers the finest brews of the regions and features numbers of traditional activities to remember the Bavarian Culture. While your eyes can hardly find a place to settle, your foodie self will inevitably find itself yearning to taste those smoked sausages, roasted meats, sauerkraut, cabbage, and pretzels.

Pizzafest, Italy

Pizzafest Italy Food Festival[ImageSource: Chicago Tribune]

There is no better place to relish the amazing flavors of pizza other than Italy. And this desire brings us to the other food festival called the Pizzafest of Naples, Italy. Even the name of this food fest can woo you + the visuals of the delicious, yummy and creamy pizzas leaving you to crave for another one. Celebrated in the place of its origin, it is a 10-day fest filled with music, dance, and pizzas! Here, you not only get to eat the best pizzas in the world but also get the chance to learn the art of pizza making from the pizza professionals of Italy.

Savour, Singapore

Savour Singapore Food Festivals[ImageSource: SG Now] 

Bringing the culinary skills of the world in your plate, Savour Food Festival holds power to steal every word of appreciation from you. Prominent Chefs from the corners the world gather here with their award-winning dishes to give the visitors an unparalleled gastronomic experience. One can also find oneself engaged in food shopping here in the market selling the very best Alaskan seafood, Iberico pork, Miyazaki wagyu beef, stunning ice cream, fruits, cheeses, spices and even caviar from around the world. And if you are a budding chef, then Savour gives you a golden chance to attend free masterclasses from the Celebrity chefs.

Salon du Chocolat Festival, France

Salon du Chocolat Festival France[ImageSource: ParisPerfect] 

Another love of foodies, Chocolates! Celebrated in Paris, this five-day event calls for every chocoholic out there to come and cherish the bliss of the sweet delights of cocoa. With distinguished chocolatiers and pastry chefs coming from over 15 countries, this festival brings for the chance to taste chocolates created with unique styles.

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As promised, I shared with you what I find as the ultimate list of world’s top 5 food festivals. Now, quickly note down the name of these outstanding food festivals in your food bucket list and start planning for atleast one of these foodie trips. And if you have any problem in getting those flights tickets and hotels, then do let me know.

Wishing you a very Happy eating!

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