Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise (Bangkok)

Whilst being in Bangkok, I had booked for the very popular Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise. Based on my partner’s & my overall experience, I suggest you too should not miss this… !

Dinner Cruise

Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

  1. The River (Chao Phraya) is considered extremely important and is sort of a lifeline that passes through Bangkok. It is also referred to as “River of Reign”
  2. On either sides, there are very important landmarks like Wat Pho Temple, The Royal Summer Palace, Wat Yannawa, Wat Arun, Pom Phra Sumen etc

We reached from our Marvel Hotel (in Sukhumvit Soi 22) to this place, located at Samphanthawong – a distance of approx 15 kms, that took us over 1 & half hours to cross. Such was the horrific traffic, even worst than that of Mumbai. Ideally, I was expecting to cover this distance in around 30 minutes. My bad luck ! The Tuk Tuk driver charged us some 200 THB one way.

Once we reached Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise spot, we realized that it is a shopping mall and the ground floor area is being utilised for all administrative arrangements like guests waiting, verifying the tickets, announcements etc. As your cruise’s time approaches, you will be escorted to the other side of the mall outside, which is parking bay for your cruise off River Chao Phraya. Feels nice with the cool wind blowing etc. Since several cruises are lined up one after another at a gap of 15 minutes each, the place can get very crowded.

Dinner Cruise

The Awesome Experience of Dinner Cruise on The River

The boat is big by any standards. It may have full seating capacity of around 250 people at one go. There are 2 decks there, ground and top. Since there were a lot of Indians around, our boat was categorized as “INDIAN” with only a couple of Europeans who were eager to be on board with Indians (They later confided that they came for the spicy Indian Food !). Once we were inside, my partner & I were alloted a front row seat. There were only a couple of slots that could seat couples. Rest seats were either 4X4, 6X6 or 8X8. So, other couples had to adjust with other couples or families, much to their disappointment.

The positive part of the couples’ seats was that it was located right at the front. Remember the famous Titanic scene, Leonardo helping Kate Winslet widen her hands into the wind and feeling it. That exact spot 🙂

The bad part was that this location, became the envy for many other couples and families. And before we could realize, there were 25 people waiting to take pictures of themselves, and in 100s of poses (that too at night wherein if your camera is not advanced enough, all these pictures will come out blurred !). That very spot became crowded and the rest of the area was vacant 🙁 However, I remembered that when people don’t have something, they yearn for it. After they get it, the motivation & desire of having it reduces, the value diminishes. Same with this case. 20 minutes into the dinner cruise, the music starts, the dinner starts and everybody is now focusing on feeling their stomach 🙂

Dinner Cruise

There is a buffet system in place, that has vegetarian and non-vegetarian food both. Not many things to write about in Veg section but non-veg platter was wholesome. Deserts included Chocolate Pastries with Chocolate Sauce that was the ultimate. Look at the pics below for better understanding:

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise

Dinner Cruise

Along the way, we could also see some main attraction points of Bangkok, as I mentioned above. Your camera needs to be really advanced to let you click good pictures or you need to posses good photography skills, unlike mine.

It should cost around 1200-1400 THB per head for this beautiful experience. But I say, try it once, if you are with your partner or family. We also met a very nice newly-married couple from Mumbai (Sandesh Kumbharkar & Shweta Kumbharkar), who we met in our hotel itself and who joined us for this dinner cruise. Great time with them.

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Last Visited in January 2015

One Card. One Price. Endless Fun!

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3 thoughts on “Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise (Bangkok)”

  1. Hi Shaunak! We both have read it, Very well posted with all the pictures. U took us all over again to the 5 nights 6 days to Pattaya & Bangkok. All memories refreshed…… Good job…..

    1. Yup, same feelings here. I also wanted to write something about that funny girl in Red Skirt, alongside her father !! Remember ? How she was putting on lipstick for over 1 hour and still wasn’t sure of herself 🙂 But I guess, it’s ok !

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