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Celebrate Friendship With Zee TV’s “Yaaron Ki Baraat”

Generally if you ask people about their best days, there is a strong probability that they may reflect & come back to you to confess about their friendship with their buddies during their school or graduation days, talking about friends they made in school, and how with time, as they grew into teenage years, they understood the meaning of friendship in a different manner. My school or graduation days, even though at that point in time I might have felt I am enjoying, wasn’t that great – is what I feel when I reflect on those days. But my MBA days were a different ball game altogether !

Just about yesterday I heard of this new show “Yaaron Ki Baraat” by ZEE TV on friendship, I went back a little in time and started to introspect, that my MBA days popped up. I hailed from Mumbai, went to pursue my MBA in Pune in 2004, made some friends then, who I am glad are still with me. Saroj, Kunal, Prasad, Shivani, Pradnya & above all was AJ. Back then, we all used to stay in hostels, were put up in different rooms with some other friends. Eventually after passing out and taking up jobs, a lot of them left and we 6 came back together in Pune and then took our relationship to another level.


While all are equally important and precious today, if I have to name one awesome guy who is unique in his own way, I will have to name AJ. To give a little brief on AJ… He is a first class first Electrical Engineer from Government College Aurangabad, with an MBA Marketing from University of Pune. He got campus placed in GTL Ltd in Project Marketing Department and subsequently worked with quite a handful of MNCs in Pune. I feel pity for all those who worked with AJ in offices because I feel somewhere they haven’t got to know the real “funny” AJ. In office, it’s more of a controlled behaviour.

He is UNIQUE. No questions about it. Some of the best examples include:

  • If you need your ceiling fan to run at speed 4, he will enter the room and make it either 3 or 5 – no reasons or explanations given.
  • He prefers to take his mobile inside the washroom & listen to his favourite songs, whilst having a bath
  • After his bath, he pours a specific talcum powder on his palm, only that of a size of 3 rice grains !! Can you imagine “3 rice grains” ???
  • When you are singing or humming a tune, he cannot keep quiet – no, not to sing in tandem, rather he will start singing an entirely different song and so very loudly !
  • Cannot tolerate girls and their constant chatter. And if any girl argues with him in a party (while having drinks), he won’t mind to fight with her. I can tell you that argument will never end ! It’s so fun to watch !
  • Once he has finished eating food prepared by any of our girl friends, he always ends it by saying “Mera ho gaya haa, mere end se !” Now what does that mean “Mere end se” ???    🙂


While there are a lot of such funny examples, there is an emotional side of AJ as well. After a few drinks, sometimes when I open up a little about my first love in graduation and how, even though I wanted to talk to her but never actually spoke to her, this remained an unfinished love story, majority of these friends ultimately laugh and take it lightly, I can see in AJ that he doesn’t laugh at that exact moment. It is as if he wishes to trust me on my feelings for the girl and that I see this as a great trait in him…

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zee-tv-yaaron-ki-baraat FRIENDSHIP

Tune into ZEE TV at 8 PM on 8th October. For the first time on Indian television, ZEE TV brings you a fun-filled chat show Vivo Smartphone presents Yaaron Ki Baraat co-powered by Amazon.in and Brooke Bond Red Label that will put celebrity friendships to test through a series of fun challenges and tasks. 

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