Brothers’ Dhaba (Amritsar)

Personal Verdict: 4.25/5.00

Our first day in Amritsar, evening 7 O Clock was the time when 5 of us visited this dhaba, or essentially a restaurant but referred to as Dhaba only to give people that feel, whilst we were on our way to the Golden Temple. Feeling really hungry, we all wanted to be at the best place to eat the authentic Punjabi flavoured food and I, for one, didn’t want a dampener. Upon word-of-mouth recommendations, came here and I am glad I did.

There are 2 sections here, one where generally public takes the seat. This is without AC. This is more of QuickEats type, where you quickly gorge on your favourite breakfast or snacks and then make a move. On the inside, there is a family room sort of arrangement, which is AC. Food & pricing remain the same.

The service was fairly quick and in no time, we had ordered for 2 Choley Bhaturey, 1 Paneer Paratha, 2 Gobi Paratha and 5 Lassi. Awesome taste. It cost us some INR 650/- only.

Brother’s Dhaba Menu



 Last Visited in November 2015
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