Baan Tao Restaurant of Ista (Pune)

I went to Baan Tao Restaurant in Hotel ISTA yesterday being my wedding anniversary. This restaurant is located in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. I had reserved the table one day prior and their online reservation system through their website is very easy and fast paced. But when I called them some time later to confirm, I just couldn’t get through and was transferred to all places, at least 5 times and again back to the board line number. Very strange for a premium hotel, I felt !



(Images Source: Hyatt Pune)

The Waterfall and the Special Middle Table at Extra Charge, apart from Food Cost

Different Seating Arrangements at Baan Tao ISTA

When I went in, there are 2 sections of this restaurant. One is the outer section, which is open and with a waterfall on your left, water falling, from quite a height, in a small pond and is airy. This outer section is an arrangement of 3-4 tables being kept alongside the big aisle / gangway to the inside (closed) restaurant. However, out of these 3-4 tables, there is one special table in the middle of that small pond and the waterfall is all the more closer.

Seating in the centre of the pond at Baan Tao ISTA should definitely feel good but it will cost you INR 5,000/- extra. Are you ready to spend ? Depends on your priorities, isn’t it    😉



(Same Restaurant – An Inside View)

I felt the overall lighting or illumination on the outer section was on a lower side. So, when I asked this to the server, I was replied that this is in line with the Chinese theme. Point Noted ! Interior part has bright lighting though.

There are a total of 144 covers, meaning these many people can sit at one go, including outside seating capacity of 20. There is another outer open section, at the other side of the restaurant, but it is for big group.

What Food Can You Try @ Baan Tao ISTA ?

We had Cantonese Barbeque Fish, Vietnamese Sliced Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice and another spicy dish along with some non-alcoholic beverage. Food was good, especially the Fish. Extremely soft. Since it was our anniversary, they arranged & offered us a Chocolate Mousse Cake, for free.


Overall, it cost us around INR 3,300/- all in all.

I still don’t have a great reason to come here again, won’t avoid as well. So, I have… kind of… a neutral feeling, really. By the way, currently Hyatt has taken over this ISTA property. So Baan Tao may well be identified in some days as Baan Tao Hyatt.


Personal Verdict: 3.50/5.00

Last Visited February 2015

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