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Island Hopping In Thailand: 5 Islands To Visit

No trip to Thailand could be complete without visiting at least one of the country’s many amazing islands. They’re the stuff, fantasies are made of. With so much fantastic choices, it can be difficult to decide where to go first. But believe me when I say that all of them are worth it. Somewhere I […]

Thailand Sojourn in 2015

I find it real stupid how I kept avoiding going international (on my own & with my money), just because I wanted to start off on a bigger scale, going to Europe or USA and hence kept under-estimating the beautiful experience I would have got by visiting cheaper and nearby countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, […]

Throwback 2017: The Year Gone By

Year 2015 was a very modest year for me in terms of traveling and writing blog posts. Or so I feel today when I look back, realizing how much I have started to travel more and write more today. 2015 was simply 2 International Destinations namely Thailand and Sri Lanka and 5 Domestic Destinations including Pondicherry and […]

Bangkok Attractions: Places Worth Visiting

I can understand when people, especially in India are all gung-ho about visiting Bangkok. Most Indians start their international travel with this city. And when they come back after having been to all those Bangkok Attractions, they are excited with their findings. First come the series of all things negative namely the traffic jams, the […]

A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Koh Samui

Are you looking for an adventure that combines luxury with culture for a unique experience as a solo traveler ? Many in the same situation as your’s, choose Thailand as their first international destination, especially Indians. And Koh Samui is always ranked as one of the favourite places to visit, after Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. […]

Dubai Attractions & Places To See

So close, yet so far ! This has been my condition for so many years in terms of not being able to or rather not having visited any of the beautiful countries around the world. Dubai is one such place. My first international trip to Thailand, then Sri Lanka and now Dubai, in a way […]

4 Amazing Places To Explore Singapore’s Vibrant Nightlife  

What’s your idea, generally, of a vibrant nightlife ? Is it singing live with a band or chilling out at a bar or simply being at nice sauve lounges & pubs and enjoying yourself without getting into the picture (& trying to be a Hero !) ??There’s enough entertainment waiting for you after the sun […]

6 Popular Places To Visit In Goa

What are some of the first things that come to mind, when we think of Goa ? Beaches, Beer, Sea Food… right ??? Lets say, visit popular beaches & enjoy in the ocean with friends or family, try their local beer Kings or have a Kingfish Curry & Rice. Isn’t it ? Whilst that is […]

Best 3 Types of Useful Apps For Travel

It’s time for summer in India. Since it is fast approaching, it also means India will be fortunate enough to once again experience and able to welcome a huge influx of western holidaymakers, who choose to visit this country, albeit during its hottest of months. I have had a travel article published for readers with tips […]

2016: Reflection Of The Year Gone By

I can distinctly remember how the life goals kept changing at various intervals, courtesy my thinking-back and reflection today of all the years behind. During MBA, the goal was to get ahead in life and career, secure an awesome campus placement with a good package. In 2006, after having secured a good job in a […]

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