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Is Galle (Sri Lanka) Even Worth Visiting ?

My first visit to Galle was extremely short, or so I thought when I first scheduled my stay here for 2 days, somewhere mid 2015. While scheduling my first solo Sri Lanka trip, I was in double minds whether or not two days would be sufficient. After all, you don’t really get myriad things to […]

Solo Sri Lanka Trip Under INR 34,900

Me & my wife have made a pact last year in 2014. Once a year we shall travel together. Once a year, she may travel with her best buddies (she hates travelling alone, except to her hometown) and once a year, I shall travel SOLO. So, that’s 2 trips for her and 2 trips for […]

Backpack Lanka Hostel (Colombo)

Being the political and commercial capital of Sri Lanka, there is absolutely no dearth of hotels in Colombo. Right from backpack budget hostels to big lavish 7-star hotels, all are available. After having spent about 7 days of my vacation-cum-exploration in Galle and Kandy, my last few days were scheduled for Colombo. As already stated […]

Throwback 2017: The Year Gone By

Year 2015 was a very modest year for me in terms of traveling and writing blog posts. Or so I feel today when I look back, realizing how much I have started to travel more and write more today. 2015 was simply 2 International Destinations namely Thailand and Sri Lanka and 5 Domestic Destinations including Pondicherry and […]

Dubai Attractions & Places To See

So close, yet so far ! This has been my condition for so many years in terms of not being able to or rather not having visited any of the beautiful countries around the world. Dubai is one such place. My first international trip to Thailand, then Sri Lanka and now Dubai, in a way […]

2016: Reflection Of The Year Gone By

I can distinctly remember how the life goals kept changing at various intervals, courtesy my thinking-back and reflection today of all the years behind. During MBA, the goal was to get ahead in life and career, secure an awesome campus placement with a good package. In 2006, after having secured a good job in a […]

7 Basic Things Travel Taught Me

More than school and college, more than my MBA college – that calls itself as the one offering ultimate exposure to best management practices and real life experiences – I think TRAVEL features right up there on the list as one of the best contenders for being “a real teacher”. I learnt it myself and […]

Why I Do Solo Travel & Why You Should Too !

There is a very strange but positive thing I have been seeing lately in India. That of Solo Travel… Young boys & girls in their 20s, donning the role & essence of “Backpackers” who are willing more than ever to travel & explore on their own. Yes, we as Indians, are late on this aspect […]

Top 7 Must-See Spots in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram has been, for ages, one of the most frequented tourist places in India, especially from the pilgrimage point of view. This is the same place that the Indians, across the world, have heard all through in their lives, when they spoke and listened to the epic Ramayana. The town has been at the centre […]

Galle Face Green (Colombo)

I was in Colombo just a couple of months back, just prior to the rains and on one of the free evenings, I took a stroll to one of the tourist places within Colombo, by the name Galle Face Green. I don’t know the logic of the name associated with this place but I found […]

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