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11 Easy Ways To A Great Flying Experience

I love flying. And I always make it a point to have a great flying experience, wherever I fly, whichever airline, whichever route. Flying excites me to the maximum, so much so that it has turned out to be my hobby to maintain my flight statistics. Although I may not have traveled to all places in the world like some of the hardcore travelers, I will make it someday for sure.

As of 31st March 2015 30th April 2017, I stand here:

  • Total 35 68 Flights
  • 94% Domestic & 6% International Flights
  • Most Flown by Jet Airways (19 Times), followed by Spicejet (17 Times) and Indigo (15 Times)
  • Year 2007 was has still been my best flying year (16 Flights)
  • Have passed through 8 Airports 18 Airports

These stats may be very ordinary when compared to those of the frequent flyers and in no way helpful to generalize any data. But positively, these stats CANNOT go down any further. They can ONLY GET BETTER 🙂

So, I thought on some of the tips on how to make the flying experience pleasurable & fun and have zeroed on the following:

11 Easy Ways To A Great Flying Experience


Book Early

Fare Calendar

Because if you see X rate at some point and if do not book then, after 2 weeks, going to the same destination by same airline will cost you a dozen more.


Watch the Weather


Yes, you may not be really into this and may feel that all seasons could be enjoyed to the core but no, that can actually turn out to be a bad case. Although now-a-days, seasons can change all of a sudden but it helps to know how’s the climate going to be like.


Traveling on Weekends

More often, since weekends are holidays for us, we try to travel on weekends, with an aim that we finish the week in office and proceed on vacation from coming Saturday. Infact, a lot of us travel on Friday late evenings to extract more time for vacation or even Monday mornings (especially official trips). You think the Airline Companies don’t know this ??? Try to go mid-week, say Tuesday or Wednesday, to get best rate. You will find for sure.


The Idea of Holiday

A lot of people I have seen, aren’t in the mindset of a “holiday” till the time they have reached their destination. This virtually means that in their minds, they sub-consciously think of flight time as some kind of workload. This is one reason why your flying experience may not be as enjoyable as you would have wanted, trust me. It’s not a task. For me, the vacation starts when I step out of my house, even if I am going down in the elevator – The vacation has already begun…     😉


Travel Light

Every airline and airport may have it’s own rules regarding the size of your luggage etc but generally, if you travel light, it will be a lot less stressful, especially on arrivals.


Observe the Airport

Airport 1

There are lots of things you can do at the airport. The bigger the airport, the better. See the myriad brands, the stores, roam the duty-free shops, get to know the products & the rates, sip in some coffee & sandwiches. And observe fellow travelers, their body language, their mannerisms. Great Fun !


Explore a Lounge

ImageSource: Finnair

You don’t need to be a business class or first class passenger to get in a lounge. Now-a-days, there are a lot of airlines that offer this benefit, especially if you are their member, even at a basic level. A lot of others like say ICICI or HDFC Bank, who offer co-branded credit cards, in partnership with MasterCard or VISA or any specific airline offer lounge facilities as well.


Settle Down Quietly in Flight

Believe me, this is one of the top 3 reasons to have a relaxed flying experience. Once in the flight, sit quiet & relax for things to get settled. 80% of the passengers I have sat besides or traveled with, in all aircrafts, are in some mad hurry, they just don’t settle quick, the ladies will put their purse in overhead bin, then remember something, then take the purse out, remove something, again put the purse up and this continues for soooooo long. And I really fail to understand what’s bothering them. Let’s not follow the herd. Things will be smooth in a matter of minutes.


Be Nice to the Cabin Crew

Spicejet Aircarft Flying ExperienceCredit: Spicejet Airlines (India)

There’s no reason to be unnecessarily fussy with the crew if things are getting late or are not as per the plan. And don’t disturb them when they are in the midst of their job of serving meals. They may not tell you this openly but it’s really annoying as there is a schedule to be followed. And by doing all this, they only try their best to make your journey pleasurable. Doing this day in & day out, without any appreciation really from 99% of the passengers, makes it a tough job ! Besides, if you are nice, you may stand a chance of getting an upgrade too !


Catch Up on Your Favourite Movie or Sleep 

Flying Experience

If you can hold onto your new movie or a book that you feel like watching or reading, nothing like it. It is a great time pass during the long journey. Else, sleep. The more time you sleep, the better for your body and the less time you have thinking what to do 🙂



The artificial air in the cabin sucks your water content in the body. So, hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water on board. No harm !


Enjoy the flight 🙂


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So, how do you feel about my ways to have a great flying experience ??? And if you think there are other ways to enjoy, pl feel free to write in.

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